Test Information

In order to get a full UK driving licence,

you need to pass two test.


First Test: Theory Test

The theory test made up of two parts, which are done on a computer and both need to be passed:

1.  Multiple Choice, which is a questions and answer test. You need to achieve 43 out of 50 marks in order to pass.

2.  Hazard Perception, which is made up of 14 clips where there are 15 hazards for you to identify. Each hazard is marked out of 5 and you need to achieve a minimum of 44 out of 75 marks in order to pass.

This needs to be completed before you can book your practical test. Test booking fees are £25 and can be booked from the gov.uk website.


Second Test: Practical Test

The practical test lasts for 40 minutes, in which you will be tested in various traffic and road conditions. You will need to complete one manoeuvre, possibly the emergency stop and will be required to drive independently for 20 minutes.

When you meet your examiner:

1.  You will need to provide a valid provisional driving licence.

2.  You will need to sign a insurance document for the car.

3.  You will be asked if you would like your instructor to accompany you on your test or/and like them there at the end of test for the result and debrief.

4.  You will need to carry out a eye site check, by reading a numberplate from 20.5 meters away.

5.  You will be asked 1 “show me tell me” question at the start of test. (Errors on these questions are counted as minor faults)

During the test:

1.  You will follow the examiners directions

2.  You will need to complete one manoeuvre. The possible four manoeuvres the examiner will pick from are: Pulling over and parking on the right side of road, reverse parallel park, forward or reverse bay parking.

3.  Possibly carry out the emergency stop

4.  You will be required to drive independently for 20 minutes. The independent driving consist of being able to follow a series of directions and road signs or following a satnav.

At the end of the test:

1.  The examine will provide you with the result of the test.

2.  If successful, you will get your practical driving test pass certificate and a copy of the marking sheet.

3.  If your not successful you will get feedback on your faults and a copy of the marking sheet.

In order to pass this test you are required NO MORE then 15 minors faults with no serious or dangerous faults during the test.

Test booking fees are £62 (this does NOT include the vehicle hire) and can be booked on the gov.uk website.